How to apply the foundation without giving the impression of having a double layer of skin? Here are practical tips for an extremely natural make-up base!

It all starts from here, from the application of the foundation. Because? Well, a poorly applied foundation can ruin all the makeup and it doesn’t help us hide imperfections, but it highlights them.

To create a perfect make-up you need to choose the right product and apply it correctly.

Forget the old heavy make-up with mask effect: today the foundation is applied to give a natural and almost imperceptible result, to mitigate redness and discoloration and even out the complexion, restoring the impression of a discreet and inconspicuous look, in all seasons.

Natural effect foundation: tips for application

Simple to say, but getting a natural effect with foundation is much more difficult than super coverage. How to apply the foundation without giving the impression of having a double layer of skin? Here are practical tips for an extremely natural make-up base!

Step 1: Skin Preparation

Before applying makeup we must always prepare the skin, to keep it looking fresh. It must be completely clean and free of makeup residue. Before the foundation, spread a thin layer of moisturizer, even if you have oily or very oily skin.

It will serve to protect the skin, to make the complexion relaxed and will fill and smooth the small expression lines. Not only that: the moisturizer will ensure that there are no parts of dry skin on the face that the foundation could highlight, with a decidedly unsightly and unnatural result.

Step 2: Choosing the Tools

To apply the foundation well, you need the right accessory. Many people prefer to spread it out with the brush, others are better off using their fingers. What makes the difference is the type of foundation used.

Compact foundation: use the supplied sponge only when you want more coverage.

Free powder foundation: apply with a slightly moistened kabuki brush to capture the product particles and release them evenly on the face.

Liquid foundation: cat’s tongue brush for greater coverage, fingers to modulate the quantity of product and the areas of application.

In any case, avoid using a beauty blender for the drafting of a water-based foundation, because the sponge absorbs the product excessively and you would continue to add too much on the face.

The best way to apply the foundation in a natural way is to use make-up brushes, or rather one in particular, the blush brush. Because? This type of brush is designed to spread a few quantities of product and in a widespread way. A real panacea for a look as natural as possible!

Step 3: Heat the product

The best thing to do before applying the foundation is to warm it up, putting it on the back of your hand or rubbing it between your fingertips, in case you decide to apply it with your fingers. In this way, the waxes of the product color will become more elastic and blend well with the complexion.

Step 4: Apply On Critical Areas

To obtain a soap and water make-up effect, apply the foundation only on the most critical areas of the face, such as the nose, forehead and chin. Then spread it by carrying it over the rest of the face. In this way you will cover the areas of the face that need more coverage, but you will not run the risk of applying too much product, with catastrophic consequences, such as the clear separation of color between the face and neck.

Step 5: Dab After Spreading

Once the foundation has been applied, lightly dab your face with the help of a tissue. This gesture serves to absorb any excess product, without damaging the base. To dab, you can alternatively use a clean and slightly moistened make-up sponge.

Step 6: Powder To Mattify

The biggest fear of all make-up addicts is well known: a make-up base with a shiny effect. In order not to risk it, it is better to opt for a translucent powder, to be applied with the special brush especially on the T-zone, the part of the face that tends to shine more and more quickly.

Why apply such a powder? Because it will not affect color and coverage, it will not form spots of different shades, but will only add the right matte finish to our makeup base.

Step 6: Secure

How to keep the foundation longer? Set the make-up base with a nice splash of face spray. These moisturizing products are valid in summer, as a refreshing touch, and in winter, as allies to preserve skin hydration over time.

Yes, they are also excellent for fixing the foundation and making it perfectly adherent to the complexion. The product will thus tend to blend, giving the skin the desired fresh and luminous appearance.

After all these suggestions, there is nothing left to do but choose the MIA Makeup foundation that best suits your complexion and immediately try to apply it for a natural finish, perfect for every occasion, which covers imperfections without weighing down the face.