It is said that our hands are our business card, but in reality the first thing you notice in another person is their gaze. The eye contour is the face most delicate area. There the skin is thinner and needs specific treatments with products that are specially formulated. The upper part of the face is very expressive. Due to the thin skin of this area, it makes the eye contour particularly prone to expression lines: the so-called crow’s feet. Wrinkles are not the only blemish affecting the eye contour. An unhealthy life, lack of sleep, smoking, alcohol (the liver is the organ which the peri orbital area is directly connected to) and genetic factors unfortunately help the formation of eye sockets and dark circles.

How to apply the eye cream

It is important to choose an eye cream suitable for the blemish we are suffering from, but applying it in the right way also helps a lot. We recommend applying the eye contour cream morning and evening after cleansing the skin and applying the serum: while the skin absorbs the active ingredients of the serum, before moving on to the face cream, we dedicate a few seconds to the peri-orbital area. Directly from the tube, put a little cream on the fingertips of the middle fingers (they are the ones that apply the most pressure) and gently tap it on the area below the eye. This micromassage will help the microcirculation of the area. According to the blemishes we need to soothe, the application of the eye contour cream is different:

  • To treat wrinkles we must spread the cream with circular movements. The movements must start from the inner corner of the eye, follow the upper arch outwards and then back inwards following the lower eye rim;
  • To treat eye sockets and/or dark circles we must spread the cream with semi-circular movements to treat only the area below the lower eye rim from the inside, making a very light pressure under the tear ducts, towards the outside of the eye. This massage (which must be very delicate!) is used to drain the lower peri-orbital area well and stimulate circulation. Excess fluids and poor blood circulation in the area are two of the main factors that contribute to the formation of eye sockets and dark circles.

How to reduce dark circles, eye sockets and wrinkles with skincare products

The “eye skincare routine” can help a lot to reduce dark circles, eye sockets and wrinkles. It has to be done consistently and using the right products.

A good anti-wrinkle eye contour cream must contain active ingredients that have a multiple action: nourishing, antioxidant and filling. In this way the treatment can have an immediate effect that relaxes the gaze and works over time to avoid the formation of new wrinkles.

Stamina Eye Care
Eye contour anti-wrinkle treatment rich in stem cells derived from red grapes and shea butter

The Stamina Eye Care by Mia Cosmetics is, for example, an anti-wrinkle treatment dedicated to the eye contour that acts at 360°. This product is based on stem cells of grapes and shea butter that work in symbiosis to give a younger and fresher appearance to the delicate peri-orbital area, while in the meantime protecting and nourishing to avoid the formation of further signs of aging.

Youth Instant Filler Eye Bags
Youth Instant Filler Eye Bags: wrinkle and eye bags treatment with immediate effect

An anti-puffiness and dark circles eye contour cream must have an instant smoothing, lightening and deflating effect. Mia Cosmetics Youth Instant Filler Eye Sockets simulates the effect of a Botox treatment in just two minutes. After application, the wrinkles are gradually smoother and the eye sockets deflated. Mia Cosmetics Youth Instant Filler Eye Sockets is also an excellent make-up primer dedicated to the eye contour: after application it will be much easier to erase dark circles with a concealer on a smoother eye contour!

How to apply eye patches to reduce wrinkles and sockets

To soothe the imperfections around the eyes, special masks should also be applied once or twice a week. Hydrogel eye patches are the best eye masks. These masks adhere perfectly to the area and the hydrogel helps the penetration of the active ingredients by occlusion.

The Eye Patch Snail Burr by Mia Cosmetics are excellent hydrogel eye contour masks, rich in snail slime with a cold effect that works on sockets and expression lines.

Eye Patch Biobotox are the best eye patches that are soaked in a treatment enriched in Acmella Oleracea extract with spilanthol

Mia Cosmetics Precious Gold Eye Patches are perfect for a shock treatment against expression lines in the peri-orbital area. These masks are enriched with exstretch of Acmella Oleracea and spilanthol which work on collagen and peptides against wrinkles. Mia Cosmetics Precious Gold Eye Patches are in gold film. The gold film allows the penetration of the active ingredients by occlusion and also gives brightness to the eyes.

The advice is to keep the eye masks in your fridge, the cold helps to deflate the sockets and reactivates the microcirculation.