Where did Halloween come from?

“All Hallows Eve”, or All Saints’ Night, celebrated on October 31 of each year from which the word Halloween is thought to derive. History has it that everything is based on a Catholic tradition, present in Celtic Ireland, which sanctioned the end of summer when the populations, who lived mainly on agriculture, celebrated to thank the spirits of the crops obtained. Even the colors were reminiscent of the harvest: orange that recalls the colors of late summer, black to symbolize the darkness of winter.

There are other hypotheses and curiosities about the scariest holiday of the year which has ancient roots that gradually evolved to around 1800 when Irish and Scottish immigrants brought their Halloween traditions to North America. But since then everything has evolved: the religious holidays linked to All Saints and the Day of the Dead have gradually become less and less important, to give way to celebrations emptied of their religious significance and more aimed towards fun. In the United States of America and Canada, but now also in Europe, it is a widespread tradition among children and beyond, to leave the house in disguise and ask neighbors for sweets with the famous “trick-or-treat” formula. Woe to him who gets caught unprepared!

There is nothing more fun than getting ready for a fancy dress Halloween party: witches, zombies, demons and vampires are on the way. Here are all the tips for some haunted tricks!

Halloween 2020, here are the best tips to make the perfect makeup for the most monstrous night of the year
Halloween tricks

Halloween tricks

There is no limit to the imagination but our makeup artists give you all the best makeup tips with a series of photographic and descriptive step by step on how to make the best most famous Halloween makeup.

Simple Halloween tricks

Let’s start with a simple makeup, to take the first steps. Even if you have never made a makeup for the night of the zombies and you want to make one, perhaps for your children’s first Halloween party, follow the advice of our makeup artists who will guide you step by step for your first Halloween 2020 tricks.

Halloween makeup for children

What can we come up with for our children for Halloween. We could make them up and dress them up as bats or little vampires even if the girls’ favorite makeup is always a witch and the children’s favorite Halloween makeup is always the skull. Follow the best tutorials and see the most beautiful photos of the best Halloween makeup for girls and boys.

Halloween makeup for girls

Here are the best Halloween tricks for girls, scary, sexy and feminine at the same time. Yes, that’s right, scary but sexy tricks, a woman always wants to seduce and attract the eyes even if they are those of zombies and the undead. Follow the advice of our makeup artists and learn the best Halloween tricks for girls.

Halloween makeup from witch and skull

Who among us is not a little witch after all? Halloween is the right occasion to dress up as a witch taking care of every little detail to become the sexiest or most monstrous witch of the party. And remember any self-respecting witch always has very, very sharp nails that are very scary. Follow the advice and get inspired for the best witch makeup for Haloween.

A classic make-up that never goes out of fashion, suitable for both men and women, skeleton make-up for Halloween night always has its scary effect. Choose the right products, buy the essential accessories and get ready to become the scariest skeleton of the party. How to turn into a skeleton? Discover all the products to use and all the steps to make a skeleton makeup for Halloween without problems!

Halloween makeup Joker

After all the cartoons and Batman films and the latest film directed by Todd Phillips, where Joaquin Phoenix plays one of the most famous “enemies” of all time: Jocker. The Joker makeup for Halloween is really simple to make also because, to be frighteningly realistic, he will have to give the feeling of “lived”. How to do it? Discover all the products to use and all the steps to make the most original and scary Joker makeup!