Haven’t thought about what to give your mom yet?

Make her feel special and unique on her party day by taking inspiration from some of Mia’s gift ideas.

Mom is one of the most important people in all of our lives and on the occasion of her holiday why not show her love and gratitude by giving her an anti-wrinkle serum or a lipstick of her favorite color?

If we were to ask any mother if she would ever refuse products that have the power to eliminate the very first wrinkles and give an immediate anti-aging effect, what would her answer be?

Mommy knows how to take care of everyone but she never has time for herself, she’s up to you so always make her feel beautiful and loved with jaw-dropping gifts she would never reject!

Here are some of the best and most effective products that absolutely must not be missing in every woman’s skin care routine, especially the most special one:

Stem cell anti-wrinkle face cream

Among all the gift ideas, the absolute must-have is Mia’s face cream with stem cells that fills the very first wrinkles, tones, elasticises and continuously stimulates cell renewal of the skin.

If applied morning and evening, during the first 30 days, the annoying wrinkles that inhabit the skin will gradually diminish considerably (at least to 56%)!

Anti-aging mask for the chin area

Pure chin sheet lifting biobotox is an anti-aging mask that helps redefine the chin area and facial contours that have long since lost elasticity and tone.

Snail slime eye patch

How to smooth wrinkles and eliminate bags under the eyes? The solution is Eye patch snail burr. The eye patches are special snail slime-based pads that adhere perfectly to the skin, especially around the eyes. From the first application, the skin will appear smoother, brighter and above all less tired for those like mothers. she is always overwhelmed by a thousand things to do.

For those who want an instant and immediate effect, the ideal treatment by Mia is Youth Instant Filler Eye Bags. Once applied to the eye contour area, the skin will immediately appear rejuvenated for at least 10 years!

Face moisturizer

In the beauty routine of every woman, regardless of age, a moisturizing face cream such as Hydrata Face Cream cannot be missing, which deeply nourishes the skin.

A healthy skin is characterized by its relaxed, luminous and soft appearance.

Serum with hyaluronic acid

On the occasion of his party, you can’t help but think of the new Ialuronic pro age serum from the Harmonia Intense collection. This hyaluronic acid serum penetrates deeply into the skin tissues, giving it fullness, hydration and youth. A perfect gift idea for a mother who loves to prevent skin aging!

Face vials with anti-aging effect

Intense glico Ronic and Intense Elagen antiage are treatments that eliminate existing wrinkles and contrast new ones. A perfect thought if accompanied by the anti-aging face cream.

Every morning, if you apply the anti-aging cream immediately after the face vial, the day will undoubtedly start in the right direction!

Enhance your mom’s beauty even more with the right make-up products!


Eye palette with warm and intense colors

If the queen of the house wants a natural yet attractive eye makeup, the Glam Attractive Palette is for her. An eye palette consisting of 9 colors suitable for any type of look!


Long-lasting matt lipsticks

Our new Glam Flow lipsticks are ideal for a simple and refined makeup like that of the mother. 32 are the colors available, from intense reds to the inevitable nude.


Fluid foundation

The newcomer to MIA is the Beyond Coverage Foundation, a foundation with a luminous finish that keeps the skin hydrated all day. A suitable solution for our mothers who have always loved a simple and never too opaque make-up.

May 9 is approaching, surprise your mom by letting yourself be inspired by the gift ideas listed above!