Eyeliner is a much loved and desired cosmetic, able to give a more elongated and iconic look. It is not easy to use and often causes makeup to be removed at the last minute. How to learn how to apply it perfectly? Read on to discover all the methods and products to apply eyeliner, even if you are a beginner!

Eyeliner: which one to choose based on your dexterity and needs

Pen, gel, felt, bristle: there is not just one type of eyeliner! To choose the right product for you, you need to think about your needs and your dexterity. Also think about the effect you want to achieve and the type of product you have purchased. For example, pen eyeliners are often more black and duller than brushed eyeliners. In addition, you also have to practice a lot: only by trying every day, making mistakes and correcting, will you be able to create the perfect eyeliner line!

Eyeliner with applicator: for whom it is suitable

When we think of eyeliner, we think of eyeliner with the brush applicator ultra thin. Perfect for making ultra-thin lines, framing the eye with the tightliner and ponytails for the foxy eyes trend. It requires a lot of dexterity and a steady hand, and for this reason it is suitable for more experienced people. It allows you to create very fine lines, which can be subject to shaking and smudging if the hand is not very steady.

Eyeliner in pen: for whom it is suitable

The simplest eyeliner to use is definitely thepen eyeliner. It is possible to find it either with a single felt bristle or with different bristles. It is held like a pen to write and this is already an advantage: the grip is solid and the gesture is almost habitual.

Most of the products on the market guarantee a defined and super black line, perfect for simple looks or graphic and precision makeup. It is suitable for everyone, but in particular for those who are approaching the world of eyeliner for the first time and want a product that is easy to use. Its shape also allows a drafting of the product that facilitates the shape of the eyeliner, which can be enlarged depending on how you are going to rest the pen on the eye. Perfect for creating a seductive cat eye.

Gel eyeliner: who is it suitable for

Gel eyeliner it is a product always present in the kits of the most famous makeup artists : usually waterproof and with extreme hold, it adapts to small details, to the simplest and most intricate looks. The difference is all in the brush you choose to apply the product, if it is more angled to facilitate the shape of the tail, or more elongated, to create the finer details and lines at the base of the eye. It is a perfect product for those who are already familiar with eye makeup and with the use of brushes.

How to apply eyeliner if you are a beginner: all the tricks to help you in a better application

Now that we have dealt with the types of eyeliner and their characteristics, we can go into the actual application of the product. Forget the videos where they apply it in one stroke, without problems and perfect. We will now see all the methods and tricks to apply eyeliner to perfection in just a few steps.

Whether you have chosen to use a pen, brush or gel eyeliner, the steps are always the same:

  • First of all, make sure you have a mirror at the right height in front of you, and a countertop. Take the product, making sure there are no excesses and outline your lash line in a subtle way, proceeding for small neighboring strokes. There is no need to pull the side of your eye to the extreme or you risk deforming the line of the eyeliner you are making.
  • You can decide to help yourself with a piece of scotch paper positioned firmly to the side of your eye, so that it creates a small diagonal. Follow that diagonal and draw a line that joins the end of your eye. If you prefer not to use scotch tape, position a pen so that it starts from your nose and draws a diagonal with your eye, forming almost a triangle with your nose. Draw a small line following the diagonal you just created at the end of your eye.
  • Now you need to complete your line . Draw small strokes that go down diagonally until just before the inner corner and then join them, coloring the inner part and being careful not to leave holes. Always start from a fine line: there is always time to enlarge your eyeliner.
  • To correct any smudges and errors, arm yourself with cotton buds soaked in micellar water and clean the shape when the product has dried. Now you just have to apply a lot of mascara and even a pair of false lashes, and that’s it!