Eyebrow trends want them to be different every year: defined and thick, super thin, natural, thick and fixed by the gel and so on. The eyebrows should not follow trends but be valued for their shape and made up with the right products based on it and, of course, on personal tastes. Discover all the methods to make up eyebrows based on their shape and the products to use.

What is the right shape of the eyebrows and how should they be made up?

Before analyzing each type of eyebrow, we must be sure that we know how the eyebrows are formed and how they must be designed to be harmonious with our face. The eyebrows can radically change the result of our makeup and the balance of our face, our expression.

Each eyebrow can be divided into 3 parts: start, brow arch and tail. To be harmonious with our face, each of these parts must be positioned in the right way. Before removing excess hair with tweezers or making up our eyebrows, we must have in mind where our eyebrows begins, where the arch is positioned and where it ends.

come truccare le sopracciglia

We can use a pencil to help us trace each position correctly:

  • the initial part must be parallel to the nostril of our nose
  • Always keeping the nostril as a point of reference, we will find the arch by placing the pencil at an angle of two-3 centers with respect to the initial part
  • to define where our eyebrow ends, we will follow the line that passes through the end of our eye by touching the nostril

Now that we know the correct shape of the eyebrow, we can analyze how to make up each type of eyebrow.

Thin eyebrows: how to make them up

The thin eyebrows , whether they have always been thin or have come back from a wild pinching, often have a lack of skin towards the end of the shape and can be filled and thickened in a natural way. They lend themselves to the technique of soap brows, using brow marker or some pomade eyebrows to further define them.

If the shape is regular and you just want to fill them in, use a pencil or eyebrow powder in the same tone as your brows to fill in the holes and define them more. You can always use a little wax or brow gel to keep them styled all day.

Sparse eyebrows: how to make them up

Victims of furious pinching, derived from hormonal or genetic causes, sparse eyebrows can be easily redesigned with makeup without having to resort to microblanding.

You can get help from a brow marker to apply following the natural hair of your eyebrows, with fine and diagonal strokes, fixing the part of your natural eyebrow with the eyelash gel. Or you can achieve the same effect using a brow pomade, also using it to recreate a thicker and more defined shape.

Thick eyebrows: how to make them up

The eyebrows thicker are often envied, especially after the trends of the last few years have brought them back into vogue. They can be made up in different ways: if their shape is well defined, you can obtain the lamination effect with the soap brows technique, or you can fill the small holes with a pencil.

For a more natural and less dominant effect, to keep your eyebrows tidy without thickening your gaze, especially if they have a dark and intense shade, you can apply a transparent or lightly colored gel to keep them styled in a few gestures.

Tattooed eyebrows: how to make them up

The tattooed eyebrows , if made with the classic tattoo and not with microblading, can often tend to turn gray while waiting to be riveted. Makeup can help: by using a warmer pencil or brow pomade, you will be able to correct the faded color of your brows in no time. Try it for yourself.