Having dark eyes (brown, hazel or black) if you are passionate about make-up is a great fortune. Light-colored eyes, however beautiful, are difficult to emphasize with colors because to make them stand out you can only use shades complementary to the iris.

The dark eyes, particularly deep, can be highlighted with any color and therefore you can indulge yourself with all of our palettes!

Doe dark eye make-up for a non-make-up make-up

Dark doe-eye make-up for a make-up not make-up
Dark doe-eye make-up

Audrey Hepburn was the first to make it iconic and still today stars, VIPs and influencers recreate the diva’s eye make-up, especially perfect during the day.

How to do doe-eye make-up: easy step-by-step tutorial

  • Apply an eye primer on the mobile lid and then apply a light matte eyeshadow color: ivory, cream or pink. Use a flat bristle eye brush, such as RESET M-Shadow Brush 05;
RESET M-Shadow Brush 05 Medium cat's tongue eye brush for applying powder, liquid, creamy eye shadow or eyeliner.
  • Blend a neutral brown eyeshadow on the crease of the lid to create depth. Use a blending eye brush such as Mia Cosmetics’ Pen Brush;
  • In the lower lash line, use a butter-colored pencil to optically enlarge the eyes.
  • On the lower lash line, apply a very thin layer of matte or shimmer powder. Use a C-shaped eye brush, such as the RESET C-Brush 08;
RESET C-Brush 08: professional 'C' shaped eye brush perfect for applying eye shadow and blending in a professional manner.
  • Apply either brown or black mascara to both lower lashes.

The doe eyes make-up is perfect for daily use, even to go to work and goes perfectly with a natural face base to obtain the so-called non-make-up effect.

To transform a doe eyes make-up into an aperitif or dinner make-up, just add a line of eyeliner with a nice thick tail.

Dark Mermaid Eye Makeup

How to make a perfect Siren eye make-up
How to make a perfect Siren eye make-up

How to make siren make-up

The doe eye make-up has never really gone out of fashion while the mermaid eye make-up (always a must for models like Bella Hadid) is one of the great trends of the moment, loved above all by beauty influencers.

The Siren make-up is very graphic and serves to elongate the eyes and make them extremely sensual. Here are the steps and products to make it happen:

  • Apply an eye primer and blend a neutral-light brown eyeshadow on the crease of the eye with a blending brush, such as the Mia Cosmetics Pen Brush;
  • Apply, always with the same brush, a little of the same eyeshadow one in the upper and lower lash line, near the lashes;
COLOUR EYES KAJAL KHOL: Kajal pencil, ideal for the inside of the eye.
  • Equip yourself with a black kajal pencil (such as the Color Eyes Kajal Khol in Black Block by Mia Cosmetics) and start tracing the tail of the eyeliner starting from the outer corner of the eye, the line must be long enough;
  • Apply the pencil also in the inner corner of the eye, creating an elongated effect. Finish outlining the eye (except in the upper central part) and draw the line also in the lower lash line.
  • Blend in the kajal;
  • Apply an illuminating powder (Mia Cosmetics Magnificent Metal Eyeshadow is perfect) in the central part of the eye that is not surrounded by kajal.
  • Apply butterfly-effect false eyelashes

The Siren make-up is obviously an evening make-up. Its elongated shape gives the eyes a hyper-lifting effect. It is perfect to combine with a gloss on the lips.

Dark eye make-up: smokey eyes and halo smokey eyes

One of the most used make-up by VIPs and stars of the jet-set, especially on red carpets, is smokey eyes because, even from a distance, it makes the eyes clearly visible. Smokey eyes is a makeup that dates back to the 1920s and which, depending on the intensity of the eyeshadow, can be used for both day and evening.

The steps to achieve perfect smokey eyes are:

  • Spread the eye primer all over the mobile eyelid;
  • Apply a pencil along the upper lash line and blend it from bottom to top over the entire mobile eyelid;
  • Apply and blend the eyeshadow (of the same shade as the pencil) over the entire mobile eyelid;
  • Blend the contours of the make-up (at the crease height) with an eye shadow one or two tones lighter than the one applied or with a medium/light neutral brown;
  • Apply a long-lasting pencil of the same color as the eyeshadow in the upper or lower lash line;
  • Create a point of light with a bright eyeshadow inside the eye.

On dark eyes, any eyeshadow is bound to make a great impression. If you have hazel eyes, maybe featuring golden specks and shades, try using purple or gold and you will see how these peculiarities will come out.

For a less dramatic and matte evening makeup than smokey eyes, you can choose a halo smokey eyes and add a bright tone-on-tone eyeshadow to the center of the eyelid with a wet cat’s tongue brush (such as the RESET M-Shadow Brush 05 by Mia Cosmetics). The halo smokey eyes is also a very used trick on red carpets because it puts the gaze at the center of the scene.