A perfect make-up depends on the products we use but also on the tools to apply them.

Brushes are essential for creating a perfectly blended makeup.

For the face base it is necessary to use different brushes according to the product we are going to apply and its texture.

The bristles of the brushes can be more or less dense and are specially cut according to the area and the product they are designed for. Let’s find out which are the face brushes to use for foundation, powder concealers, blush and highlighter powders.

Foundation brushes


The foundation is the first product we apply on the face after the primer. The foundations can be liquid, compact powder, loose powder and compact cream.

Liquid foundations and compact cream foundations should be applied on the face with very densely packed brushes, flat top.

The cream foundation can be taken directly from the pod with the brush and applied to the face with circular movements that go from the inside out. We always pay attention to apply the product also towards the hairline and towards the neck in order to avoid color gaps.

The liquid foundation is poured onto the back of the hand and then taken a little at a time and blended onto the face with circular movements from the inside out.

The best brushes for applying Mia Cosmetics cream or liquid foundations are: the Oval Brush 08, 09, 10; the Magic Brush and the O! Brush.

Otherwise liquid and compact cream foundations can also be applied with wet and squeezed Blender. The product should be taken with the sponge and dabbed all over the face from the inside inwards. The effect will be more natural.

The loose powder and compact powder foundations should be applied with a brush featuring different bristle lengths, such as the Mineral Brush by Mia Cosmetics. The product should be taken from the package and spread on the face with circular movements from the inside out. The effect will be natural.

Brushes for concealers

Concealers can be liquid or creamy.

Liquid concealers are usually equipped with a sponge and can be applied with flat brushes that need to be gently patted. The Mia Cosmetics Fluid Brush is the ideal brush for concealer.

The creamy concealers should be taken from the pot with your fingers and applied directly to the area or imperfection of the face to be covered. They can be blended with the tip of the moist Beauty Blender.

I correttori cremosi vanno prelevati dal pot con le dita e applicati direttamente sulla zona o sull’imperfezione del viso da coprire. Possono essere sfumati con la punta della Beauty Blender umida.

Powder brushes

The face powder can be compact or loose powder. The brush for powder application should be very large and have dense, soft bristles and a convex tip.

The powder should be taken directly from the container and then blended all over the face. People with oily or mixed oily skin should insist on the T-zone: forehead, nose and chin.

Mia Cosmetics’ ideal powder brush is the Reset Powder Brush.

Bronzer and contouring brushes

Bronzer and contouring brushes must have soft oblique bristles to follow your face features, where powders must be applied.

Bronzing and contouring powders should be blended from the bottom upwards especially below and crest of the cheekbone.

The perfect Mia Cosmetics brush for bronzing and contouring is the Reset Blush Brush 02. For a wider bronzer shade we recommend the Kabuki Brush.

Face contouring can also be achieved with cream products, to be blended under the cheekbone with a diagonal and precision brush, such as the Slunted Brush by Mia Cosmetics.

Blush brushes

The powder or cream blush should be applied to the cheekbones and blended from bottom to top.

The perfect blush brush should be semi-round and densely packed. The powder blush can be taken directly from the pot. The cream blush can be applied to the back of the hand and picked up with a brush or it can be applied directly to the face and then blended.

Mia Cosmetics Blush Brush is the perfect brush for any type of blush.

Brushes for highlighters

Highlighters can be in powder or cream.

The powder highlighters can be taken directly from the pot and applied on the high cheekbone with circular movements of a densely packed brush with tapered tip.

Cream and liquid highlighters can be put on the back of the hand and picked up with the same brush in very small quantities and always blended from the bottom up. They can also be applied directly to the upper cheekbone and blended from bottom to top with the tip of a moist Beauty Blender.