The luminous base for a glowy make-up is back in trend. Glowing skin helps to optically camouflage small wrinkles and gives a super natural and healthy effect to the complexion.  

The luminous face base is suitable for dry, aged and asphyxiated skin because the make-up and skincare products to use are extremely moisturizing and have a light texture that does not mark the skin.

Let’s find out how to get an extra glowy effect starting from skin care.

Bright make-up base: skincare

A beautiful make-up base begins with skin care. The more the skin is “naturally” luminous, the easier it will be to obtain a glowy effect in a natural way, without layering too many make-up products.

The skin must be cared for and treated daily with moisturizing and illuminating creams. The essential steps for an illuminating skincare to repeat every morning and evening are:

  • Double cleansing
  • Serum/illuminating oil application. For example, Mia Cosmetics Blooming Serum Gold Infusion is a quickly absorbed oil. This oil brightens the skin, helps to counteract the appearance of aging signs and revives the complexion;
Blooming Serum Gold Infusion: illuminating, anti-ageing face serum
Blooming Serum Gold Infusion: illuminating, anti-ageing face serum
  • Illuminating face cream application. Sudden Light by Mia Cosmetics is a moisturizing face gel that helps toning the skin. The pearly finish of the cream visibly brightens the skin;
Illuminating face cream for dry, dull skin
Blooming Serum Gold Infusion: illuminating, anti-ageing face serum
  • Eye contour cream application.

Twice a week the skin care should be enhanced with an exfoliating mask and an illuminating mask.

The Bubble Mask by Mia Cosmetics does both: it is a purifying mask that also moisturizes the skin, revives it and makes it brighter.

Bright make-up base: make-up

To get a luminous face base you need to choose make-up products with a glowy finish and apply them perfectly so that they blend with the skin without creating a layer.

The steps to make a luminous make-up base are:

  • Apply the primer. This product, a hybrid of skin-care product and make-up product, is used to instantly improve the skin texture and to make the entire face base more durable. For a luminous effect, the Step 1 Glow Maximizer Primer is the ideal luminous primer for a glowy make-up base. This primer has peach-colored pigments inside that even out the complexion and hide skin discolorations. The Step 1 Glow Maximizer Primer also optically reduces wrinkles and it’s rich in reflective particles that give a golden and healthy complexion;
Luminous primer ideal for a glowy make-up base.
STEP 1 GLOW MAXIMIZER PRIMER: luminous face primer
  • Apply the foundation, which must have a luminous finish. Mia Cosmetics Beyond Coverage Foundation is ideal for a glowy make-up base. This oil-based foundation helps maintaining skin’s natural radiance throughout the day. Light but layered, the Beyond Coverage Foundation can be applied with a moist Beauty Blender all over the face (leaving out the eye contour area). To apply the foundation, put a little product on the back of your hand, take it with the rounded part of the blender and apply it on your face by tapping it. Be careful to also blend the product towards the hairline and under the chin;
Luminous finish foundation
BEAUTY COVERAGE FOUNDATION: opaque liquid foundation
  • Apply eye contour concealer. On the area of ​​the dark circles, spread a veil of concealer and blend it with the tip of the Beauty Blender;
High-coverage eye concealer
Beyond Full Coverage: high coverage concealer
  • Set the eye contour with a loose and opaque loose powder (like the Loose Powder by Mia Cosmetics in the Peach1 version) immediately set the concealer. On the rest of the face you do not need to apply the powder but you can vaporize a veil of Sparkling Powder by Mia Cosmetics for an extra booster of brightness
  • Now it’s time for the bronzer and blush, to give your face a sun-kissed skin effect. Opt for a bright, powdered bronzer, such as Mia Cosmetics’ Sun Kisses Glow Light Bronzer. Remove it from the pot with a large brush with soft bristles (such as the Blush Brush) and apply the bronzer on the lower part of the cheekbones, forehead, nose and chin. With the same brush, blend a veil of luminous blush (Baby Doll Blush is perfect) just below the cheekbone
  • The last touch of a glowy make-up base is the highlighter. With a fan brush or the tip of the Beauty Blender, take the product from the pot and blend it on the cheekbone, on the cupid’s bow and on the tip of the nose. Cream and liquid highlighters are much more pigmented, luminous and durable: try Mia Cosmetics’ Glow On Illuminator or Twist & Blush in Duzzling Sun coloring!

Luminous base: which eye make-up and lip products to match

Volumising lip gloss
Lip Plumper: volumising lip gloss

A matte make-up base is possible to combine a bright eye make-up and even shiny lip products to highlight both the eyes and the mouth.

Matte compact blushes for a matte make-up base
Cheek Freak: matte blushes for matte make-up bases

On the other hand, we cannot combine matte eye and lip make-up with a luminous make-up base because they would also turn off the complexion.

Tanning and illuminating face powder
Tan Builder: illuminating face powder

The ideal eye make-up for a luminous base must be shiny or, if structured, must have highlights that stand out: pearly, shimmer, metallic, or glittery.

Even the lips must not be opaque on a glowy face base: yes to glosses and yes also to Luxx Lip Color by Mia Cosmetics with a metallic effect!