Here are the secrets of the make-up sponge to apply the make-up base!

The classic make-up sponge has become a beauty blender. The well-known triangular latex sponges seem to belong to the Paleolithic: welcome to silicone sponges, a must have of the make up collections of all women in the world.

The beauty addicted know all its secrets, but the “profane of the beauty blender” do not use it to its full potential. Let’s find out how to orient yourself in the world of make-up sponges , which one to choose and above all how to use it to put on make-up with a simply perfect result.


Find out how to get the perfect make-up using the beauty blender

Beauty Blender: what is it?

More than a sponge, a real professional tool with multiple functions that everyone can use to best apply the different make-up products, from foundation to highlighter, and to sculpt facial features with baking and contouring techniques . Based on shape, size and material, beauty blenders are used for different purposes: let’s see which ones.

The two discriminating factors for choosing beauty blenders are size and shape. There are large, small, hourglass or drop-shaped ones: the proposals are endless.

Drop Shaped Beauty Blender

The first drop-shaped sponge is the beauty original blender , which has revolutionized the world of make-up. It does not contain allergens and doubles in size when wet. It does not absorb the foundation, thus allowing you not to waste product and evenly distributing the make-up for an even base.

This shape is ideal for everyday make-up and for those approaching this type of instrument for the first time. The bottom is rounded, to distribute the product on the large areas of the face. The tip is the tool with which to reach the most difficult areas. The drop makeup sponge is also perfect for applying powder, especially around the eye area.

Beauty Blender With Flat Bottom

Perfect for applying liquid foundation evenly, avoiding the mask effect. The rounded sides are specially designed to cover the largest areas of the face, while the tip, more precise, manages to cover defects and inaccuracies. The flat edge is also useful for the eye contour and for the areas around the nose.

Hourglass-Shaped Beauty Blender

The hourglass shape is useful for applying the cream blush or for the technique of contouring : thanks to the central narrowing, the hourglass sponge </ strong> is easier to hold, for a targeted and precise application of chiaroscuro.

Wedge Shaped Beauty Blender

The particular shape of this blender is specially designed for an even more precise application of the product, even in the most difficult to reach areas of the face.

Mini Beauty Blender

For a precise make-up base, which cannot be more precise. To spread the products in every corner of your face. The beauty blender mini or small size are very popular with make-up addicted: the perfect accessory to carry in your bag for a quick retouch.

How to use the beauty blender

Dry or wet? How do you use the beauty blender ? It depends onproduct you intend to apply. In the case of foundation, bb cream or highlighter cream, it is better to wet the sponge and squeeze it to use it wet. In this way, the accessory will become softer and will not absorb the product, leaving a wonderful shiny effect on the skin. The beauty blender can be wet with water, thermal water or with a primer or a spray fixative. For extreme coverage it is preferable to apply foundation with a dry sponge.

For powdered products, as it is easy to guess, the beauty blender must be completely dry to prevent the product from penetrating inside the sponge. Furthermore, when dry, the powder will remain localized only in one point of the blender, thus being able to be applied precisely on the selected parts of the face.

How to clean the beauty blender

Thorough cleaning at least once a week for our best makeup ally. But how to thoroughly wash and sanitize the beauty blender ? There are several methods:

  • With neutral liquid soap: just apply a small amount on the sponge and squeeze it, squeeze it and rinse it several times, to allow the detergent to penetrate deeply, eliminating all impurities.
  • In the microwave, putting it in a cup with water and a few drops of dish soap. 1 minute at maximum power and then let everything cool down. Once squeezed, the beauty blender will be completely clean. But it will be necessary to repeat the operation a couple of times to remove the deeper dirt.
  • Do you know that olive oil is able to eliminate all impurities from makeup? Pour a little on the blender, massage it to remove the dirt and then let it rest for about 15 minutes in a sheet of aluminum foil. Then rinse the sponge off with mild soap or dish soap. Et voilà, that’s it.
  • The beauty blenders can also be washed in the washing machine, but first you will need to put them in a perforated sachet, such as those for underwear, and set a washing cycle at 30 degrees.

Washing the beauty blender every week is fine, but it is preferable to clean it every day so as not to let it proliferate on its surface dangerous bacteria.

Replace the makeup sponge every 2/3 months or when you begin to notice signs of deterioration such as cracks or cuts, to always have excellent results and maximum hygiene.

How to store the beauty blender ? Do not leave it free to contaminate itself with other accessories inside the make-up pouch, but keep it in a small box.

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