After waiting for it for so long, summer has finally arrived: the products to be used for cosmetics and daily make-up are changing. Lightness and freshness are the watchwords, even when it comes to makeup. And who said that when the mercury rises, you have to give up make-up?

Women are increasingly choosing to go to the beach with a little makeup, to always feel tidy, even when there is a fun and relaxing day at the beach to face. Don’t water and makeup go together? Prejudices! Mia Cosmetics is ready to recommend the right and waterproof cosmetic products to create a light, natural and fresh make-up, suitable for the beach!

Beautiful even on the beach? Here is a simple and light make-up to face a torrid and “wet” day at the beach!

To arrive intact at sunset, even after numerous baths and an impressive sweat under the sun, the secret is a natural make-up with a nude effect with which to cover small imperfections of the face, especially dark circles, fine lines and unsightly pimples.

Beach make-up: expert advice

Make-up artists are safe: in the summer, avoid heavy make-up and overly opaque make-up bases . The skin acquires color with each sun exposure and you risk not choosing the right foundation tone. In this period of the year, the fantastic BB creams, light and slightly colored, come to the aid to give brightness and hydration to our face. Natural result and guaranteed coverage!

As for the eye makeup , at sea ​​better not to overdo it: a drizzle of mascara, experts say, is just fine! As for eye shadows, however, there is a very important choice to make: simple flesh-colored to proceed with the natural effect or shimmering and super-sparkling shades to draw attention even under the umbrella?

In any case, the first rule to follow concerns the application of sunscreen on the skin before makeup, to ensure that your face is well protected from the harmful rays of the sun. sun and is not damaged.

How to make a perfect beach makeup

And now step-by-step, let’s see how to make a perfect beach makeup!


To make the base we proceed with the spreading of an abundant layer of protection from the sun’s rays all over the face. Let it dry for a few minutes before proceeding with the rest of the make-up.


As already mentioned, the ideal would be a light and comfortable BB cream, but if you think there are more imperfections to cover than expected, then opt for a compact, water-resistant foundation, which will also create a further protective film against the sun’s rays.


For those who want an intense look, between one dip and another, the advice is to opt for a waterproof eye pencil in a nice bright color, like green or turquoise. Blended on the upper lash line or applied halfway up the lower lash line. Just one suggestion: avoid the pencil in case of oily skin.


Black and strictly water resistant: this is how mascara to wear on the beach, to be applied only on the upper lashes. To avoid the panda effect, absolutely avoid rubbing your eyes.


For this product, choose the peach shade, possibly in cream, and spread it on the cheekbones with the help of a brush. The blush will only be necessary during the first exposure to the sun, then your natural complexion, stimulated by the production of melanin, will be enough!


Don’t forget to always carry a protective lipstick with UV filters to apply several times during the day. You can then use the same cream blush passed on the cheekbones as a color for the mouth, dabbed with fingertips on the lips. A very natural look for seaside lips, to which you can combine a thread of gloss for a super volume effect.

Remember that waterproof make-up resists water, but not oily substances. After you have finished your beach make-up, avoid using sun creams and oils, so as not to end up with runny make-up.

Put the mirror and the products used in your bag before going out: you will need them for a quick touch-up after a longer bath than the others. Marine mood, summer makeup, and off to the next hot adventure!