Right from Korea, Double Cleasing is well loved and used even in western routine’s. It’s perfect for all skin type and a powerful ally for glowing and healty skin.

What is double cleasing and why you should do it?

Double cleasing is a cleasing method used in the korean skincare, in which you use two different type of cleaser to remove makeup, sebum and every trace of smog on our face.

How to double cleanse in the right way

When double cleansing, you cleanse you face two times: the first one using an oil based cleanser that will remove you makeup, while the second time using a foam or gel cleanser you remove oliy and makeup residue and sebum, to prevent and avoid blemishes and blackhead’s forming. You can decide to lather every product with water before applying the next product or using water at the end of cleansing.

This choice depeds from your personal and makeup habits: if you used different products and achive a structured base, it can be useful remove carefully your makeup with the oil based cleanser, rinse it, and then move on to the next step.

After this this type of cleasing, your face will be perfectly clean e ready to apply the next products. You can’t just do this type of cleasing at night: korean skincare suggest to do it even in the morning to prepare the skin to your skincare, removing excess oil and creams from our skin.

Double cleansing is suitable for everyone: just choose the right products for your skin type!

Who can benefit from Double Cleanse

Double Cleasing is for everyone: you just have to choose the right products for your skin type. Sensitive and dry skin but also combination skin in the winter times, should use foaming cleanser with hydrating actives to cleanse the skin without being aggressive. Oily skin may be choose a first step cleanser more lighter, like a cleansing milk, and using puryfing products later in the skincare to control the production of sebum.