When we see brushes in sets, we often wonder if they are too many or are they enough. Compared to face brushes, there are more eye brushes, of all shapes and sizes. What are really the essential brushes for blending and applying eye shadows and eye products correctly? Read on to find out.

Eye brushes: how many brushes do you need to have an eye look?

There is no precise number of right brushes, we must always reflect on the steps we take to create an eye makeup, what are our habits and what our eye shape is. If you usually only use mascara and an eye pencil, then the brushes to use will be few while if you make more elaborate eye makeup, the quantity and diversity of shapes will certainly be greater.

Let’s find out the most common eye brushes, their uses, and why they are essential if you want to create a more elaborate eye make-up.


Eye brushes: which ones cannot be missing in your makeup bag

If we cannot define a quantity of eye brushes to own, we can however highlight which are the essential eye brushes to create a complete makeup and that can never be missing in your makeup bag.

Blending brush

A good eye look is made up of perfect shades and only a blending brush can guarantee the right result. They can be found in different sizes, but they are united by wider bristles that allow a precise and widespread application of the product. It can be used to blend eyeshadow into the crease of the eyelid and is useful for replacing the face highlight brush.

Filbert brush

The cat’s tongue brush for eyeshadow is indispensable for applying the eyeshadows on the mobile palper, whether they are shimmer or matte. They can be found with different sizes and with stiffer and thicker bristles or softer, depending on whether they are suitable for pressed shimmer and glitter eyeshadows or for matte and satin eyeshadows, which require a softer application. They have a rounded shape on the upper part and very little thickness.

Pen brush

The pen brush is a very versatile precision brush: it helps to define the outer part of the eye and to create a base for more intense shades; blend the details of our makeup, such as the pencil on the lower and upper lines; illuminate the inner corner of the eye or blend the eyeshadows in the cut crease. Even the pen brush can have different dimensions, never too large, because it is a type of brush always designed to perform details and details, precision work.

Flat brush

To apply cream eyeshadows, shimmer eyeshadows and to create precision details, the flat brushes should never be missing in your makeup bag. They can have different sizes and have shorter or longer bristles: if they have a larger shape and longer bristles they are excellent for applying cream eyeshadows and shimmer eyeshadows, while if they have shorter bristles they help to blend the pencils and eye shadows applied in the lower and upper rim of the eye.

Angled brush

The angled brush is a useful and indispensable brush for applying eyebrow pomades and for applying the eyeliner with simplicity. Its oblique shape benefits the application of both products, its bristles are dense and have small dimensions, to benefit precision work.

Eyeliner brush

To apply the eyeliner graphically or with even more precision, it is essential to have a thin eyeliner brush that simulates the applicator of the eyeliner in a brush. The thinner it is, the more precise and defined the application will be.