To define the volumes and set your base, you need good brushes to apply all the products needed for this purpose. How many brushes are really essential to be able to apply face powder, blush, bronzer and highlighter ? Read on to find out.

Face brushes: how many brushes do you need to have a complete face base?

In addition to a good foundation brush and a concealer brush, you need several brushes to apply the remaining face base products. There is no need to have more than one, and in some cases two, brushes of each type. It all depends on our needs, our skin type and our habits regarding the face base, how many products we apply and if we use powders or creams.

Often the same brush can be used for different purposes, depending on the type of product and the shape of your face. However, you will need a brush to apply powder, bronzer, conturing bronzer, blush and highlighter. Read on to find out which brushes to choose to apply the products for your face base.

Multi-purpose powder brushes: which brushes to choose to apply face powder, blush and bronzer and highlighter

You have applied the foundation and now you want to apply the face powders. Here are the perfect brushes for this purpose.


Angled face brush: when to use it

The angled brush it is a great helper for applying most face products. Originally designed to define the volumes of the face with conturing, its elongated and oblique shape is excellent for blending blush and ensuring a perfect lifting effect. It can also be used to apply the powder and dab it in the central areas of the face, such as the eye contour and T-zone.

Flame brush: when to use it

The flame brush is a multi-purpose brush that is suitable for applying products more precisely, to be able to concentrate in smaller areas and accurately define the volumes of the face. For this reason it is perfect for blending bronzer and earth and creating a more defined effect without making the face artifact, as in the area of the temples or under the cheekbone. It is the most suitable brush for applying the highlighter in the upper part of the cheekbones and on the cheek, managing to blend the product in the right areas without highlighting pores or not being harmonious.

Medium-sized wide bristle brush: when to use it

The wide bristle brush is a multi-purpose brush that adapts to soft and delicate shades. Perfect for applying blush, making a defined conturing softer, blending the bronzer and powdering the areas of the face we want or the whole face in a few simple gestures. It can have different sizes and its average size.

Cream products: which brushes to use

We have analyzed all the brushes to apply face powder products but we know that the face bases can also be made using cream products. What are the suitable brushes to accompany their application? Read on to find out.

Flat kabuki brush: when to use it

The flat kabuki brush is usually used to apply foundation but it can be an excellent tool to use for applying cream conturing and dabbing a lightly pigmented blush. Never choose brushes that are too large or you will have to clean up the area later with a flat brush or blend the edges with a buffing brush.

Buffing brush: when to use it

To achieve conturing or apply cream blush precisely but with an accurate shade, the buffing brush is the perfect tool for this function. It is suitable for both cream and more liquid formulas.

Duo fiber brush: when to use it

The duo fiber brush adapts well to the most liquid formulas and helps to apply blushes and bronzers in a natural way. The final effect will be a smooth and natural face base, respecting the medium-low coverage of the chosen products.