For a perfect, flawless and long-lasting result, it is best to apply the lipstick using the lip brushes. Thanks to this tool you will be able to control the application of the product and to better stratify the color, to make it more or less intense. A precision brush is necessary to better define the lip contour, thanks to the compact bristles, flat at the tip or conical shape, which can also be used vertically.

Among the most chosen Mia Cosmetics make-up brushes are those with a cat’s tongue shape, ideal for applying cream, fluid and stick products, also and especially on the lips. You have to choose a lip brush suitable for the size of your mouth: the smaller the brush, the better it can get to the most difficult places to reach, such as the inner corner, which is often not properly colored with lipstick. The thin brush has a very fine tip, ideal for arranging the edges of the lip contour and for small retouches to the lipstick.

To avoid smudging, it is preferable to apply each lip product with its own brush: the result will be impeccable, and the lipstick will last longer! Mia Cosmetics has created for you a wide range of lip brushes to satisfy even the most demanding make up addicts!