Lip brushes: use make-up brushes for a perfect lip make-up

Lip brushes are make-up brushes that help applying lipstick and lip gloss with no smudges and with great precision. If you want to obtain a perfect, flawless and long-lasting result we advise you apply lip products using the specific make-up tools.

Thanks to the lip brush you will be able to control the application of the product and layer the color better to make it more or less intense.

How to enhance lips with make-up

For a professional lip make-up, start by drawing the lip outline with a lip pencil; an advice to give volume: you could draw the line going outside the natural outline and blend the pencil toward the interior to even out the look. Go on by applying the lipstick with a brush: start from the lower lip, then rub the lips together and go on by filling the uncolored areas. If you want to have a shiny effect, finish by applying the lip gloss with a clean brush.

All the make-up brushes to apply lipstick

A precision brush is needed to define lip outline in the best way possible, thanks to the dense, flat on the tip or cone-shaped bristles that can also be used vertically. Among the most chosen Mia Cosmetics make-up brushes we have the filbert brushes, perfect to apply cream, fluid or liquid products also and above all on the lips. You have to choose a lip brush that is suitable for your lips’ dimension: the smaller the brush the better you will be able to reach even the most difficult areas like the inner corner that is not often adequately colored with the lipstick. The thin brush has a very thin tip, perfect to fix the edges of the lip outline and for tiny touch-ups to the lipstick. The result will be flawless and the lipstick will last longer. Mia Cosmetics has thought about you with a wide range of lip brushes to satisfy even the most demanding make-up addicted people.