Large and soft, the face brushes are ideal for distributing the product easily and evenly over the skin. Depending on their different functions, we distinguish between Mia Cosmetics face brushes of different shapes and textures. To apply the base, we use a compact foundation brush: a rather soft brush but with flat bristles at the ends to apply the product evenly.

This type of face brush is used through circular movements, both when removing the product and when applying it. To apply a liquid or cream foundation, however, it is preferable to use a brush with synthetic bristles and smooth surface to allow the product to flow smoothly on the skin. With this face brush you can reach the most difficult corners of the face, such as the contours of the nose, eyes and mouth. A medium sized soft brush will help us instead to apply blush, highlighters and bronzers.

To color the cheek area, the center of the face and the sides, and to fine-tune the contouring technique, choose the Mia Cosmetics makeup brush that’s right for you! Don’t forget the large, ultra-soft powder brush. Tap the product on the skin to perfectly fix the base. Never again without Mia Cosmetics face brushes!