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Do you like to remove nail polish with cotton pads? Try our delicate acetone that cleans the nail and prepares it for the next colour! If you are often in a hurry, instead, choose the version with the sponge soaked: just dip your fingers and rub to remove all traces of your old nail polish! Take care of your hands with Mia Cosmetics accessories: cut the nail to the desired height with the practical nail cutter, opaque the nail bed with the necessary brick buffer.

Every single nail must be prepared in the best possible way to ensure that it grows healthy, well cared for and without blemishes, but above all strong. Take care of the cuticles too, choosing among the different tools that Mia Cosmetics has selected for you for the make-up accessories. After you’ve put your hand in place, now you’re ready for your favorite nail polish! Mia Cosmetics offers you a wide range of hand accessories, for a moment of wellness and beauty dedicated only to you.

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