For a stunning makeup effect, you need to use the right tools. That’s why Mia Make Up selects only high quality face accessories to help you in your daily care. A woman’s well-being depends on the way she feels comfortable with her body, and makeup is essential. Spread the products to create a base, like a canvas on which to go and draw our make-up: this is the main function of the makeup sponges, one of the face accessories Mia Cosmetics most used.

Of different sizes and materials to meet every need of make-up, from the daily to the professional one. A wide assortment of brushes to make your make-up collection really complete. Small and flat brushes to spread the product in every corner of the face, large and soft brushes to fade the brightest colors that illuminate the face. Brushes for shading and for finishing eyebrows and lips: being perfect every day is possible with Mia Make Up face accessories.

A guarantee of reliability and quality, Mia Cosmetics manufactures its products entirely in Italy, to offer you an optimal and safe result every time you decide to dress in color and face a new day with sunshine that illuminates your make-up!