False lashes: eye tools that embellish the gaze

False lashes or lash extensions are eye accessories that have been created for whoever wants to have a more intense and deep gaze in a short time and with a minimum effort. Mia Cosmetics has created a wide selection of false eyelashes to ensure you have a natural or bolder look, depending on the situations you will decide to put them on. They are practical accessories that thicken, curl and lengthen the lashes with an immediate effect.

Strip lashes that are extremely easy to apply

Mia Cosmetics false lashes are all created with extra light synthetic fibers and can be used easily by anyone. Our range involves permanent false lashes, magnetic lashes, strip false lashes that follow all the eye length, single strands that can be applied in the areas where the natural lashes are sparser, where it seems like there are some actual holes.

To apply the lashes you prefer in an easy and quick way, don’t forget to add to your cart the false lashes glue by Mia Cosmetics, specifically created in black to hide along the lashes and easily blend in with the eyeliner. Our product quickly dries and doesn’t create annoying smudges.

You can further simplify the application by using the specific false lashes applicator. This tool will help you place the strips in a moment. The steel applicator is a quality warranty. Follow the advice of Mia Cosmetics make-up artists to discover the right techniques on how to apply false lashes and obtain an as natural as possible effect, that allows you to have a magnetic gaze even when you create an everyday make-up. There are also available our tutorial that will help you apply false lashes and avoid mistakes or unsightly effects so that you can have flawless make-up at any moment.