Palette of eye shadows, pencils, eyeliner, ultra tech mascara, all the right products to enhance the look.

Correct eye make-up is the desire of every woman, to open her gaze, to enhance its features, tones, from natural make-up to smokey eyes. A perfect eye makeup highlights the depth of the gaze, the intensity of the eye color and the natural beauty of the face. If you want to make an impeccable eye make-up you don’t have to miss these little secrets and the right products, even if you have no experience you will make an enviable eye make-up.

Light textures, lots of color and the best cosmetics: eye makeup is increasingly visible. Discover all the steps and secrets for a doe eye makeup

It is therefore important to choose the right cosmetics, learn how to use them and free your imagination to create eye makeup suitable for every occasion. Which brush to use, when and which eye primer to apply, the colors that enhance the look, are the doubts that every woman, every morning in front of the mirror: a discreet or aggressive make-up for the business meeting, a sexy and d ‘make-up effect to combine with the last pair of shoes with vertiginous heels or do I just want to give that extra touch to the face? Mia Makeup has everything you need to create flawless eye makeup, from a simple pencil to ultra-covering eyeshadows in cream or powder, all designed to give the highest quality.

Brown or hazel eyes suit most tones, there really are no limits to shades and makeup techniques. To enhance green eyes, red tones are particularly suitable, from mahogany to more daring tones. Eyeshadows gold, bronze, shades of orange are the tones for blue-eyed women. Mixing colors or choosing a tone on tone, the important thing is to enhance and illuminate to give depth. We said it before, the shades should be chosen based on the color of the eyes, the next step?

Compact powder eyeshadows with a matt or metallic finish for a trendy look, cream eyeshadows with a light texture and perfect coverage, shimmer eyeshadows for a brilliant look. Single or already composed in a palette, choosing the right colors it is also important to use the right brushes to blend and create the desired effects, a soft brush is ideal for blending the outer corner of the eye.

Small or large, we value the shapes of the eyes

Large and bright eyes are an excellent weapon of seduction, but with the right techniques and makeup, even small eyes can be enlarged and enhanced. Essential allies are the eyelash curler, volumizing mascara, gel eyeliner, kajal pencil to create intense shades. The eyebrows also play their part in framing the look, we must focus on the shape and definition. You can use a concealer to illuminate and “raise” the natural brow arch, you can fill in the less thick areas with an eyebrow pencil. If you want a natural effect, you have to comb and color them in a soft way, giving them a well-proportioned and neat shape. Don’t overdo the color, otherwise they will look fake and more cartoonish! The parts of the face are never perfectly identical so do not insist on creating two perfectly identical eyebrows or the result may seem a bit fake, doll effect.

Eyelash extensions and false eyelashes, the secret to seducing with the eyes

False eyelashes are the right choice if you want to always have perfect, long, thick, shiny and perfectly curled lashes, without having to resort to eyelash curlers, permanent lashes or any other stratagem every day to make them more beautiful than, over time , they can weaken them, break them or make them even less dense. There are different types of false eyelashes that can be applied alone such as strips and tufts or single-hair lashes that must absolutely be applied by a professional. The strip lashes, which we also recommend for the speed and practicality with which you can put them on and take them off, really have many designs and shapes to better adapt to the shape and cut of your eye. Always choose eyelashes that do not bother, should be light and you should hardly feel them on your eyes. Eyelash glue is also essential, check that it is always hypoallergenic and elastic enough so as not to “stick” your eye too much.

Mascara and its magical touch on eye makeup

Mascara is undoubtedly the most loved and used cosmetic by women, impossible to go out without mascara, difficult to stay without! Mascara with a single touch allows you to enhance the look, the important thing is to choose the right one.

  •   Curling mascara for straight lashes and small eyes,
  •   Volumizing mascara for long and defined lashes, lengthening mascara for a false lash effect,
  •   Waterproof mascara for a perfect look even in the pool or at the sea.

In addition to the type of mascara it is essential to know the right application technique, let’s see how to proceed. The first step before applying mascara is to pull the upper eyelid upwards, to naturally separate the lashes, facilitating application. For a perfect result, mascara should always be applied with quick zigzag movements on the roots of the lashes to volumize them, then vertically to lengthen and comb them. While applying your favorite mascara, always look downwards so as not to dirty your eyelids.

Color and brighten your eyes with eye shadows

How do you choose the right color and texture of the eyeshadow? Follow these three simple basic rules to enhance your look:

  • Which eyeshadows for brown eye makeup? All colors are very well suited to brown eyes, but specifically the shades of brown, pink, green and purple are more suitable. To highlight the gaze and enhance the eyes, the aubergine, garnet, gold, copper and black colors
  • Which eyeshadows for green eyes? Choose eye shadows tending to brick, burgundy, plum, pink and purple. Yes, purple, a complementary color to that of the iris, enhances the green of the eyes making it even deeper and more intense
  • Which eyeshadows for blue eye makeup? Use shades of gold, orange, bronze and ocher, always use warm colors, which in contrast with the blue color (cold color) will enhance the look
  • Which eyeshadows for brown eye makeup? Prefer powders in purple, blue and petrol colors. To enhance the make-up of brown or hazel eyes, use a nude make-up that you can modulate according to your mood and your desire to dare by adding other colors.

Unleash your imagination and create new shades like a professional makeup artist. Simple makeup techniques but with a great final effect, she learns how to apply the right makeup even by booking a consultation with the makeup-artists of MIA Makeup.

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