In recent years, liquid lipsticks have depopulated and have become even more popular and used than stick lipsticks: with a thick super matte finish and long-lasting, they allow you to wear them without worries even for dinner. The formulas have evolved over the years and are comfortable, do not dry out the lips and give color and extreme hold, regardless of the finish.

Not everyone knows this, but liquid lipsticks can be used in different ways and not just on the lips. Find out how to save space in your beauty thanks to your lipstick!

How to use liquid lipsticks as eyeshadows

The liquid lipsticks have a long-lasting formula that tends, after a few seconds, to dry out and not move after application. This feature makes them perfect as eyeshadows or as a base for a shimmer / duochorme eyeshadow. You can apply them to get the perfect monochromatic makeup, combined with your lipstick and blush but also just to replace the eye primer in your travel bag.

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    Long lasting liquid lipstick

    ZA054 | 09 Aubergine
    ZA129 | 18 Baby nude
    ZA303 | 28 Beige Pink
    ZA051 | 06 Brick
    ZA300 | 25 Brown Pink
    ZA057 | 12 Brownie
    ZA305 | 30 Burgundy Sense
    ZA052 | 07 Cherish
    ZA338 | 37 Cherry Juice
    ZA340 | 39 Berry
    ZA060B | 15 Sangria
    ZA135 | 24 Dark Nude
    ZA337 | 36 Dragon Fruit
    ZA302 | 27 Dust Pink
    ZA307 | 32 Fuchsia Pink
    ZA343 | 35 GOJI
    ZA341 | 40 Grape Fruit
    ZA059 | 14 Grey
    ZA334 | 33 Guava
    ZA336 | 35 LITCHI
    ZA049 | 04 Magenta
    ZA046 | 01 Marshmallow
    ZA131 | 20 Mauve
    ZA128 | 17 Medium nude
    ZA306 | 31 Muddy Pink
    ZA048 | 03 Orchid
    ZA134 | 23 Pale Nude
    ZA130B | 19 Peony Pink
    ZA304 | 29 Perfect Nude
    ZA061B | 16 Perfect plum
    ZA301 | 26 Pink Brick
    ZA339 | 38 Pomegranate
    ZA132B | 21 Pure Orchid
    ZA058 | 13 Purple
    ZA053 | 08 Red
    ZA335 | 34 RUBY GRAPE
    ZA050 | 05 Salmon
    ZA055 | 10 Scarlet
    ZA047 | 02 Borgogna
    ZA133 | 22 Soft Nude
    ZA342 | 41 WATERMELON
    ZA056 | 11 Wine

It is a product that dries quickly and for this reason it should be applied very little and blended quickly, to ensure that the product is applied evenly and does not create stains. Avoid applying purple and fuchsia liquid lipsticks: as in the case of some highly pigmented eyeshadows, they could leave your eyelid stained ( nothing that the double cleansing and some company can’t solve!).

How to use liquid lipsticks as eyeliner

In addition to being perfect as eye shadows and eyeshadow base, liquid lipsticks prove to be excellent liquid eyeliners : the color is immediately vibrant and its matte and long-lasting formula makes the product perfect to be applied as eyeliner by using an angled brush.

Using liquid lipsticks is also a great idea when choosing metallic shades, to give light to the eyes using only one product.


How to use liquid lipsticks as a blush

Just as stick lipsticks are perfect for use as a cream blush, liquid lipsticks can also be excellent blushes. Perfect to use to balance a makeup when you don’t know which blush to apply, they must be applied carefully so as not to form spots.

Do not apply the lipstick directly on the cheeks, but mixed with the concealer you used previously to give a natural effect, avoid stains and allow you to apply it with more serenity by increasing the drying time. In this way you can perfectly match your blush to your lipstick!

If you prefer to use liquid lipstick in its main use, always make sure you follow all the right steps for defined and full lips.